Beginning from 2018, Aviation Consulting-TECHNO and Staltekh are engaged in the design and production of automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) to store various commodities and materials, metals, dies and production fittings.

The corporate design service of Aviation Consulting-TECHNO allows the Company to promptly develop detailed designs of any complexity with the aid of modern software. Experience and high qualification of our specialists guarantee high quality of the developed documentation.

The advantages of ASRS implementation are as follows.

  • Areas occupied by ASRS are reduced to 90% as compared with conventional racking systems.
  • Commodities and materials can be kept in storage safe and secure.
  • Commodities and materials movement can be objectively controlled owing to the ASRS software (Russian design and development).
    Statistical reports for a specific period of time can be promptly generated.
  • The time required to find and issue commodities and materials is substantially reduced – the “goods-to-person” concept.
  • Downtime and waiting periods are explicitly reduced due to a substantially simplified and accelerated procedure to receive the required commodities and materials.
  • Overhead expenses (nonmanufacturing costs) are reduced.
  • Logistic processes are straightforward and the scope of mechanical appliances to be used for the logistic purposes is reduced.
  • Unauthorized access to the goods is precluded. Each operator is provided with a personal machine access code and the system stores information on all operations performed therein during 10 years.
  • The stock of materials available and their timely replenishments are ensured owing to computerized consumption and receipt records.
  • The expenses incidental to procurement and implementation of ASRS are paid off, on the average, during 2.5 to 3 years.

The STT storage systems to store small- and medium-size cargos have the following technical characteristics:

Height: from 2,550 to 30,050 mm – standard configurations.
Growth increment: 100 mm.
Width: from 1,180 to 3,980 mm.
Depth: from 2,312 to 4,050 mm.
Distance between pallets: 25 mm.
Pallet dimensions in mm:
- width: 950/1, 250/1, 650/1, 850/2, 050/2, 150/2, 450/2, 850/3, 050/3, 250/3, 650/4,050;
- depth: 610/813/864.
Vertical movement speed of the extractor: up to 2.30 m/s.
The toothed belt drive has at least a tenfold safety factor.
Maximum capacity: 69 tons.


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