Even small aircraft have hard-to-get-at sections and zones which can be safely accessed only with the aid of special appliances or constructions. When components are assembled, access to remote working zones is required as well. For solving such problems, various supports, ladders, trestles and other similar appliances are used. They may be designed in various modifications ranging from a simple structure to a large-size construction having a size of a small building, several levels, built-in mechanical aids, motion system, etc.

Our company is experienced in the design, production and commissioning of trestles of any degree of complexity.

The trestles offered by our company are designed with due regard to the final customer’s needs, i.e., accomplishment of the assembly process. Understanding of this process is a key to an optimum construction. A key link in the design process is the analysis of personnel access to the required working zones, providing all connections, required in such zones, and lighting.

The priority principle for our company is unconditional compliance with all normative documents governing industry safety in the Russian Federation.


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