Automated airframe components assmbly jigs

The automated airframe components assembly jigs offered by Aviation Consulting-TECHNO represent a state-of-the art technology used by developed nations to provide final assembly of aircraft.

Aviation Consulting-TECHNO is a leading company introducing such equipment in Russian enterprises and a sole company in the country providing a full package of automated assembly equipment. Our specialists are highly experienced and competent in the development, production, installation, and commissioning of the automated airframe components assembly jigs and software development for such equipment.

The automated assembly jigs are essentially a combination of a special positioning system (positioners, guides) and instruments to measure geometry and attitude position of the fuselage and outer wings. All equipment is mounted in the same production bay of the assembly shop and unified by a single control and performance monitoring system to automatically position the aircraft sections and units for subsequent mating (making butt joints).

The assembly jigs serve the following basic functions:

  1. Automatic measurement of the incoming airframe components using precision measurement equipment (absolute laser trackers and software specially developed by our specialists).
  2. Virtual mating of the units to predict geometric inconsistencies of the finished product.
  3. Calculation of an optimum mating position and motion trajectory of the units in the course of assembly using software integrated in the control system.
  4. Positioning the airframe components accurate to 0.2 mm over dimensions of up to 60 m.
  5. Verifying the final result using the built-in measurement system.

Automation of the airframe assembly process offers the following benefits:

  1. Improved quality of the finished product.
  2. Reduced labor content of the mating process.
  3. Reduced human factor effect.
  4. Proactive determination of incompliance of the components with the design documentation allowing a pertinent decision on further work to be taken in a timely manner.


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