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Aviation Consulting-TECHNO Closed Joint Stock Company is a Russian engineering business (employing 80 staff members) that since 2001 has been furnishing complex automation systems, machines and tooling as well as integrating high technologies into production processes for aircraft, helicopter and satellite manufacturing companies.

With its Engineering and Technological Centers the company has succeeded in providing efficient services in such areas as:

  1. Design and deployment of integrated assembly lines with a high automation rate for aggregate and final assembly of products;
  2. Design, deployment and assembly of special assembly and auxiliary jigs, machines and tooling;
  3. Development, manufacture and assembly of customized automated tools and equipment to meet various most demanding needs of our customers;

while being well cut out for and specializing in

  • Complex delivery of special technological machines and equipment;
  • Integration of SW suites and design tools;
  • Design, digitizing and reengineering of products.

Our over 20-year successful cooperation with Russian leading aerospace companies and such world known equipment manufacturers as BROETJE, FIVS, Dufieux, KUKA, Reichenbacher Hamuel GmbH, Scholz allows us to boast experience and expertise in implementing unique sophisticated projects, putting an emphasis on the tackling of specific large scale tasks in the domain of practical manufacture of aeronautical equipment using a competency-based approach to the development and deployment of assembly lines and technological solutions widely employed by foreign production enterprises and used in such Russian milestone projects as МС-21, SSJ-100, etc..

20 лет стабильной работы в области авиастроения и космической отрасли


The energy of joint solutions

129164, Russia, Moscow, st. Yaroslavskaya, 8, building 5, office 318

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E-mail: aviacons@aviacons.ru