Generally, a new product is designed nowadays by creating its electronic description in the form of 3D models representing both its most intricate units/assemblies and a comprehensive electronic product mockup, including hundreds of thousands of interconnected components. Labor content of such work mainly depends on electronic models of generic elements and standard fasteners available to the enterprise as well as on electronic mockups of the prototype products the components of which may be used for new products. However, such requisite resources are by no means always available for the development of electronic models to be used as a basis for design and preproduction of new products. Sometimes, it is expedient to concentrate the efforts of the most qualified personnel of the enterprise to the development of new units and assemblies while outsourcing the development of electronic documentation for the elements developed earlier to a third party.

Aviation Consulting-TECHNO CJSC has a wide experience in accomplishment of such work. Since 2006, the specialists of our company have been developing electronic models of parts and production accessories of landing gear legs on order of Aviaagregat JSC. From 2007 to 2012, we actively participated in the relaunching of IL-476 production and made a notable contribution to electronic design documentation release.

We also cooperate with such customers as Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant OJSC and Tupolev PJSC by developing electronic mockups of products and related electronic design documentation.

In some cases, our participation in the projects was beyond the scope of mere digitization. Our company practices a technology of so called “immediate scanning” of paper design documentation which is an integral part of the digitization preparation stage. “Immediate scanning” not only reduces the time to convert paper documentation to electronic format but also allows a database to be generated on the basis of the scanning results, such database including the product structure and information required to digitize and prepare the production process in the form of:

  • a list of commercial and standard components;
  • a list of materials to be used and the amount of such materials;
  • data required to schedule digitization and evaluation of labor content of such digitization.

We perform digitization in strict compliance with the corporate standards governing such work, including a wide range of norms and regulations: from the standard part modeling regulations to electronic models and drawings approval and release procedures.

3D models may be developed with due regard to the requirements for subsequent production of the parts. Thus, for example, the company’s specialists are experienced in the creation of an electronic mockup of the hydraulic system assembly all solid drawn tubing of which is checked in the course of development to make sure that it is capable of being manufactured by a CNC pipe bender. The radii of tubing bend are selected taking into account production accessories availability while overall dimensions and configurations of the parts are corrected to adapt the production process to the actually available equipment.

Our company offers its services not only in digitizing the available design documentation. The experience and qualification of our employees allow the company to perform any work relating to the design of structural elements on the basis of a customer’s prototype and technical assignment. In this case, we, in addition to release of the documentation in electronic format, carry out all requisite strength calculations to verify compliance with the requirements for structural strength and performance.

If you are interested in cooperation with our company to digitize and design the products in electronic format or if you have any questions about such work, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to participate in such work or to share our more than 19-year work experience and expertise.


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