Riveting machines

Riveted joints are to-day the main type of fastening of aircraft structures though rivets are mostly installed manually. According to publicly available data, only 25 to 30% of rivets are installed by foreign aircraft manufacturers with the aid of automatic equipment. In domestic aircraft industry this value is much lower.

Our company decided to introduce to the market a new product, i.e., an automatic riveting center that serves the following functions: software-controlled positioning, adjustable packet compression, packet thickness measurement, drilling and countersinking of rivet holes, application of primer/sealant, rivet insertion, rivet upsetting using active upper and lower tools (to fit the size of the closing head), milling of the rivet die head, release of the packet, movement to a new position for riveting. During a single software-controlled riveting operation the riveting and cutting tools may be changed and rivets of various sizes may be used. The rivet diameter may reach or exceed (optionally) 6 mm. Positioning is adjusted by a machine vision system.


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